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flexible specialized personnel

Flexible specialized personnel at your disposal

No problem - we are your partner and support you with IT experts, executives and specialized personnel.

Balancing experts professionally

Successfully retaining qualified specialists is an important and challenging task, especially in Germany's high-tech industries. Especially in times of shortage of skilled workers, the competition is affected start.
Look forward to innovative experienced IT experts who successfully complement your project in dealing with the most modern information and communication technologies.

The best solution

Project managers or software developers from our pool of employees are available to you at short notice and without complex process. IT Manufactory provides one or more project managers, software architects, developers by contract. If you have completed your project or decided to go another way, you are very flexible in building up or dismantling your team.
Our pool includes frontend and backend developers, web developers, web designers, UI/UX designers, project managers and quality managers on academic level.

It's that simple

How you can counteract the shortage of skilled workers:

  1. You tell us what you need? Project requirements / number of employees / time period
  2. We provide you with an employee selection / profiles
  3. You select the candidates that best fit your project
  4. We send you an offer
  5. If you are satisfied with the offer, we can get started

Flexible Agile - according to effort or classic at a fixed price

Our extensive technical know-how of our expert team, is at your disposal

Application Developer

application developer

You are looking for IT experts for your team at your location?
We can help you fill your individual staffing needs "State of the Art". Programming languages Java EE, JUnit, Python, JavaScript, .NET, C, C++, ABAP, React, Angular, Rest as well as databases like JPA, CDI, MySQL, Oracle, Mongo DB, Postgresql, NoSQL and tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ, Git, Docker, Jenkins, Sonar Qube, Maven, CI/CD, GlassFish.... we deliver.

Web developers & designers

web developer

Our web developers and designers support you in Adobe InDesign, XD and Photoshop, CMS like Joomla, Typo3 and WordPress, programming in HTML, PHP, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, Responsive Webdesign as well as database systems like MySQL and MS Access, SEO (search engine optimization) for Google, Bing and Yandex, and of course individual interface development.

Mobile App Developer

mobile app developer

We can always assist you in programming apps, popular smartphone and tablet platforms: Android and iOS with esrclass experts and professional staff. We provide highly professional support throughout the process:
Android, IOS, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Native, Hybrid applications, ReactNative, Unity, concept, user interface design, graphics and layout, programming, rollout and operation.

Data Analytics Specialists

data analytics specialist

Big Data, AI, Analytics, Machine Learning, Neural Networks

Agile Project Managers

agile project managers

Our SCRUM Masters support you in introducing or optimizing agile project management in your company.
Agile Framework - Vision, Product Backlog, Sprint Planning, Product Owner, Sprint Backlog, Scrum Master, Development Team, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Product Increment, Sprint Retrospective is familiar to us.



If you are looking for a talented DevOps expert, we have many experienced IT specialists in-house who are immediately available and can work for you for as long as you need their help. Our DevOps specialists have a solid technical background and are qualified to work with development environments. For each project, we provide a consultant who is from the field and well versed in the topics and tasks that your project involves.