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The advantages of industry-specific software for automotive suppliers

The advantages of industry-specific software for automotive suppliers

Why Digital Automotive instead of Sales Force, Microsoft Dynamics & Co.?

CRM applications are developed for a broad mass across all industries and sectors and do not fit precisely to your operational processes as an automotive supplier. Industry-specific adaptations are very expensive or even impossible to implement, especially if these changes also have to be transferred during version changes. Dependencies arise that are not controllable, since you neither receive the software nor the right to have a say.

Often you spend more time tuning your standard software than doing the actual work of dealing with your business data. This doesn't have to be the case. A customized business solution in the form of custom software gives you back the freedom you need to operate successfully and profitably.

Why do businesses need to choose a Digital Solution?

Given the fast pace of digitalization worldwide, the pressure is also growing on established supplier companies, forcing them to act faster than ever.

In most companies, a lack of transparency developed over the years. Every department and every employee used "some kind of" format to process the work in their day-to-day jobs as quickly and reliably as possible. But often we have to realize that this behavior is not target-oriented and also error-prone. We have to calculate, copy, paste, adapt or evaluate many things manually again and again.

The lack of understanding for digitization is another hurdle, because very few people change their usual way of working. Uploading a document to a directory is not yet digitization!

"Excel is not a database!"

Why does this make Digital Automotive better?

One of the fundamental differences lies in looking at the actual requirement of an automotive supplier.

The focus of a classic CRM solution is a person, focused on the behavior of the customer (B2C).

For automotive suppliers, however, the focus is always on the project, framed by project management (B2B).

requirements to automotive supplier

That is a significant difference!

With Digital Automotive, you get the necessary flexibility that a modern platform for automotive suppliers must offer. Because true digital transformation is only possible when solutions scale within the company. An industry-specific application allows you to improve and simplify your existing processes while building the future enterprise platform for tomorrow's growth.

The advantages of Digital Automotive:

  1. 100% by automotive suppliers for automotive suppliers (partner of IHS Markit)
  2. very high data security (German cloud servers or on premise)
  3. many "standardized" processes
  4. brings system into your processes
  5. grows agile with your needs
  6. saves time and money for other investments
  7. future-proof scalable technology (Java, Oracle, Apache)
  8. very high flexibility in solution design (integration of SAP, Teamcenter, Microsoft, etc.)
  9. high acceptance by end users
  10. technical experts as competent contact persons

Demand Digital Automotive

To enable you to go deeper into researching the right tool, we offer you the opportunity to conduct a "proof of concept" together with our experts.

This can bring you a big step closer in your choice of the right system.

If you are looking for answers or would like to receive more information about Digital Automotive for automotive suppliers, then simply contact us - we will be happy to help you.