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The path from big data to artificial intelligence

The path from big data to artificial intelligence

How your business benefits from data collection and analysis

Word has spread that data can be used to derive value for the company. More than half of the companies in Germany are already using Big Data or are at least planning to use corresponding techniques.

One thing is clear: the data itself is practically worthless until it is processed and analyzed in a suitable form and decision-makers draw conclusions from it.

This is where Digital Automotive comes in:

  • Process Mining : Transforming processes digitally.
  • Data Mining : Market-specific analysis of data
  • UI/UX Design : Presenting information in a usable way

Digitalization transforms processes across the enterprise in a scaling and transparent way. Synergies across all departments become harnessed and will help executives make informed business decisions.

Digital Automotive includes numerous applications and methods to collect relevant data from internal and external sources, prepare it for analysis, provide targeted queries, input and reporting visualization excellently.

In this way, the results can be made accessible and understandable not only to decision-makers in the company, but also to operational employees. In times of complex and dynamic markets, competitive advantages go hand in hand with an information advantage.

The real value of data lies in its analysis. It is important to define in detail in advance what exactly you want to examine and what the goal of the analysis is.

Only through targeted consolidation can you gain insights from a large amount of data that are indispensable for addressing specific target groups.

Our first-class expert knowledge from the market and technology combines the necessary business intelligence (BI) around strategy and sales management in Digital Automotive. A holistic approach not only analyzes individual KPIs, but also controls all inputs at a central point and recognizes logical dependencies as they occur in reality, in real time.

Without a well-built database, it is not possible to make a reliable statement!

Before companies can derive decisions from your data, we help you create the necessary structures.

With Digital Automotive you achieve:

  • High data quality
  • Uniform designations
  • Understandable processes
  • One data source
  • Real-time reports
  • Detects inefficient processes
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • 24/7 availability

If you lay out the data correctly - without contradictions - you can expect the path from big data to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recommend, decide and personalize on your behalf: as intelligent as the data set as adaptive as its algorithm.

"Digital Automotive creates what a company knows that it should have known all along!"

Many companies don't know what they could know. Providing information at the right time and in the right context is critical to making timely business decisions.

If you are looking for answers or would like to receive more information about Digital Automotive for automotive suppliers, then simply contact us - we will be happy to help you.